Fostering the Next Generation of Parenteral Nutrition Clinical Leaders

International Parenteral Nutrition Early Career Professional development grant recipient 林赛•罗素 on the value of multi-disciplinary exposure

危重病人的营养需求至关重要, 但却常常被传统医学课程所忽视. Parenteral nutrition is a life-saving therapy that is used for many types of patients, and Baxter supports efforts to increase educational opportunities for the next generation of physicians, 尤其是在这个领域.

“Physicians who understand the science and practice of nutrition support are able to deliver more effective specialized therapy,玛丽·希斯·布朗解释道, Ph.D., RDN, CNSC, FASPEN, and senior director of medical affairs at Baxter. “This added knowledge and skill set may impact hospital clinical outcomes, 康复措施和患者的生活质量.”

Baxter is proud to partner with the American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (ASPEN) to award five International Parenteral Nutrition Early Career Professional (PNECP) development grants. 这些资助旨在为美国以外的医生提供帮助.S. 获得临床营养信息和教育.

“Exposure to thought leadership and cutting-edge developments in clinical nutrition are critical,Theodoric Wong解释道, 黑带大师, FRACP, and chairperson of ASPEN's International 临床营养 Section (ICNS). “连接, educational resources and network afforded by programs like PNECP help foster the next generation of Parenteral Nutrition clinical leaders.”

获奖者林赛·拉塞尔,B.S. (荣誉),M.S., M.D., FRCPC, of Canada shares a few thoughts on what receiving this grant means to her.

Q: Why did you apply to receive one of the Early Career Professional Development grants?

林赛•罗素林赛: This grant is an opportunity to gain greater exposure and knowledge in the field of clinical nutrition and research. One of my mentors in the field of clinical nutrition encouraged me to apply. She was aware of the benefits of attending the ASPEN annual conference over her career.

What are you most excited about with regards to attending the ASPEN conference?

林赛: I am excited to hear the latest up and coming research in clinical nutrition. I enjoy listening to research studies and projects because they build upon my own research. The ASPEN conference highlights the multidisciplinary aspects of clinical nutrition to include physicians, 护士, 药剂师, 营养师, 行业专家, 我很高兴听到不同的观点.

Q: Why are professional development opportunities like this important to you?

林赛: These opportunities will help me gain knowledge of where the field of clinical nutrition is currently with research and where the field is going in future endeavors. This professional development opportunity also opens doors for networking with leading experts in the field which will help create further opportunities in education and research. 

The full list of Baxter and ASPEN’s 2021 PNECP development grants are below.

  1. Melissa Tropico Sy, R.M.T., M.D., DPPS, DPBCN,菲律宾
  2. 弗朗西斯·盖尔. Turalba, M.D., FPCP, DPBC,菲律宾
  3. 哈珊·阿玛拉松加,黑带大师, M.S.斯里兰卡临床营养学家
  4. 林赛·拉塞尔,B.S. (荣誉),M.S., M.D., FRCPC,加拿大
  5. Yahiel Osorio-Alamillo, M.D.、墨西哥

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